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This need a total do over, so ignore the broken images. I will get to it next time I am on. (Feb 12, 2021)

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This is a pet cam for my recently deceased Juliet, she will remain on here for awhile, in memory of her loving character. She was 13 when she passed away in 2005, she will truly be missed. She use to love to play outside and lay in the sun just soaking it up, that is how I will always remember her. Maybe one day I will have another pet, and although that pet won’t replace Juliet, at least I will have a new furry friend.

This is Duckie as I named him/her don’t know what it was but I didn’t know it was a seagull and at first I thought it was a duck lol, so I named it Duckie and it stuck even after we found out it was a baby seagull. This is our first pet, we only had it for a week and even though it dropped out of our chimney we kind of adopted it, but then later realized it needed to be with people that can help it fly and grow, so we gave it up. We are going to miss Duckie. June 26, 2007 was when we took Duckie to the RSPCA Wildlife Center and left it to be taken care of. We miss you!!

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