This section needed a facelift. The last time it was updated I was in England on July 28, 2007, to be exact, and that is not where I am now. I have been back in the US for like 3 years now. So I guess you can say a lot has happened in my life. Today May 18, 2013, I can be found in Massachusetts, USA. Today is February 18, 2021, and I am still in MA, however, we moved from the townhouse we were living in, and now are in our own home, yay!

In late 2008 I met the most amazing guy I have ever come across. We are now in a committed relationship for over 2 years! I am so very happy about that. William is an amazing guy, he is so 100% supportive of just about everything that I do, and I in turn am supportive of all he does as well, which equals happiness for both of us.

So who am I? I’m Emily. I am happily married going on 3 years coming in May. However, we do not have children, but we do have fur babies. My thoughts on social network websites have definitely changed in the last year (2020) however they kill time and boredom. Are they a passing phase? Possibly, some may be. I make a profile and then return very rarely, is it because I want to claim a space somewhere? Possible! Lol. But the most active ones you can find at the top left of the page

I live in Massachusetts with my husband, boyfriend William, I lived in California most of my life, and 3 years in England. I absolutely love Massachusetts, a place I have wanted to visit, but I am living in it, yay! We used to follow all the sports teams for Massachusetts but in the past year, their behavior has changed our minds considerably! I have a pet fish named Dexter, as mentioned we do have 2 cats now. Below is a picture of Dexter our beautiful fish we had, I loved that little guy so much. RIP little guy.

I enjoy several things, lately, I have been blogging more often, and making some extra cash with Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark & Depop which I’m really enjoying. I have several websites I run, my collective, where I hold all the websites I run can be found at ThisLove.nu, I also have List-Me.com which is a web directory, I am happy that I finally was able to weed out all the dead links and keep it up to date. Most of the websites I have are some type of fanlisting. Apart from my main blog website @ She-Says.com, I had Emily.nu which is another random blog I kept. Notice the name, I bought it because of my name Emily. I think I have recently as of January 6th, 2023, decided to let it expire.

What do I do when I’m not online, I suppose it depends on the time of the year. Given the huge changes in the way the world is at this time in history, there is not as much visiting family, as there was. My family is back in California, so I don’t have anyone but William here, during the holidays we go and see his family. I keep in touch most with my sister & oldest brother the most. The rest of my family, well they are so far away, we don’t keep in touch. This is sad, I pray that changes, as a family, are really important.

When we are out & about, I try to remember to take my camera with me, so that I can take some random photographs, I have recently just published my photography website, (I wouldn’t really call it a photography website) it is more like a place I upload photos from time to time. With COVID and all, we don’t get out as much. I hope that changes in the future, which can be found @ LensCapture.org. Disclaimer: I am not a professional lol.

Traveling is something I hope we can do as well. If we do, we are taking our girls because I cannot leave my precious babies with a cat sitter. No, they get to experience what we will experience. All in due time though. We did go to Rhode Island at one time, that was fun as it wasn’t so far. But right now our focus is saving money, fixing what needs to be updated on our house, paying off our mortgage, and above all living the way God wants us to live. I love Jesus Christ, and I thank him for giving his life for mine. I know God tried many times, and I turned away. But alas I am here with my heart open to you God so that I can live a better life, with your blessing.

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