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Life Can Change In An Instant

It has been a few months since I posted anything. Life is really busy. I know it is not an excuse because honestly, it takes a few minutes to write a blog if it is off the top of your head. So I should have no reason, but laziness. I have to admit though. I have distractions, and then those distractions cause me to lose track of time. Again, not trying to make an excuse, but that seems to be reality for me.

Recently, my husband suddenly came down with a headache, at first we thought it was a tension headache. Then it got worse. On a Friday, he left for work, kissed me goodbye, and then when I woke up (he leaves early in the morning), he was in bed next to me. I had no idea he had returned home. I wish he would have woke me, but he didn’t. I found out later, that he had been having headaches, and it was progressively getting worse.

It got to the point that he got on a CVS Minute Clinic, and they prescribed something for him, but it was not helping. It felt like torture, I can only imagine how my husband felt. I heard him in pain, so bad that he couldn’t sleep. His head was very tender on one side. Eventually, we decided we needed to take him to the ER, which we did. We were there for a few hours.

They gave him 2 shots, I don’t know what they were. They also gave him 2 Valium tablets, which helped tremendously with the head pain he was experiencing, I am not sure what the shots were, but I need to check because I want to know exactly what they are giving him. He just needs to look in his app and we can find that information. They also did a CT Scan, which came out clear, with no problems.

It took them about an hour to finally give him the medication, and after about another 30 minutes, they let him go home. However, this did not last. He began experiencing the pain again. Going back to the ER was not an option, as they would just give him the same thing. Instead, he decided to speak with his PCP on a virtual appointment. She in turn prescribed him some muscle relaxers and some pain meds. He has been on that since going to the ER. Photos of us waiting in the ER, he was on a bed, but I didn’t want to post that. He had no room because they were expecting an ambulance, so we got stuck in the hall. At least it wasn’t that noisy. The other rooms were already full.

His PCP sent a request for him to have physical therapy, so he is scheduled for that next month. Meanwhile, he is still having head pain, but something new has happened. About 5 days ago, one side of his face stopped moving, he had not control of it. In my opinion, it is not dropping. As he got on another virtual appointment with his PCP, to let her know. She asked him to take a photo of himself smiling. She concluded that he did not have a stroke. Thank you, Lord.

She also said what he has is Bell’s Palsy, which is a type of temporary facial paralysis. The photo they have on my search shows a sagging face, but as mentioned it didn’t look to me as if his face was sagging. Just expressionless. The article goes on to say.

Bell’s palsy is a type of facial paralysis that results in a temporary inability to control the facial muscles on the affected side of the face. In most cases, the weakness is temporary and significantly improves over weeks. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe. They may include muscle twitching, weakness, or total loss of the ability to move one or, in rare cases, both sides of the face. Other symptoms include drooping of the eyebrow, a change in taste, and pain around the ear. Typically symptoms come on over 48 hours. Bell’s palsy can trigger an increased sensitivity to sound known as hyperacusis.

What is interesting is his eye is not dry, on the contrary, his eye is watering. He hasn’t lost complete taste of food. Only one thing he said tasted like it was off. To me, it wasn’t but to him it was. He has a headache, sensitivity to light, I think maybe some dry mouth.

Knowing this, his PCP put in another request to see a Spine Specialist. However, this only happened because my husband brought it up. Why didn’t the NP or Dr suggest this in the first place? Okay so at this point, that request was put in.

Then, after my husband spoke to a co-worker, his co-worker suggested that he go and get an MRI, so they can give him a disc with the results and he can show it to the specialist. Well, again the NP or Dr. didn’t suggest this. My husband suggested it to her today. And she agreed with my husband and went again and put another request in for an appointment. I am livid that this wasn’t all suggested by the medical professional, on the contrary, we are the ones making the suggestion. Is this what the medical profession has come to?

I just want my husband to be seen ASAP. Is that too much to ask? I don’t like seeing him like this. In pain, and depressed, he has lost so much weight as well. I am scared for him. I ask the good Lord, to help me through this, to heal my husband. That is all I can do is pray. I have faith, I do. I know everything happens for a reason. I won’t know why right now. But one day I will.

Yesterday, he was running out of his pain meds, he told his PCP, and she put in the request to the pharmacy. Three hours later, no call from the pharmacy. So I called, and the automated system said he does not have a prescription pending. I am thinking, what?? It asked if I wanted to put in a request. I said yes, and it said it would be ready next week. Lol. He needs it that same day. So I called back and talked to a live person. They at first said there was no request, I began to talk then she cut me off and said, Wait a minute, I clicked on the wrong thing, What thing? Then she says, Here it is, yes It will be ready in an hour. I asked will he get a text, she said yes.

So an hour and a half later, no text. I called again, and they said oh the prescription is ready to be picked up. LOL, why no text? Never got one either. I was just happy that he got his medication because this was not going to be a good night for him if he didn’t have it. It was crucial. He has his meds, so I am happy he has the relief he needs.

We are waiting to hear when his MRI appointment will be, and when his specialist appointment will be. Dear Lord, please let his MRI appointment find out what is going on, and how we can resolve it. He can’t go on like this. Now, we just wait.

In other news. My cat Daisy also had to see the Vet on Monday. She had diarrhea for over a week and I was getting really worried. Her appointment went well. We got her some food to help with her diarrhea, plus some medication that she really hates, poor baby. She also had a Geriatric Panel done, and the results came out good. She is pretty healthy. They drew blood as well, and that seemed fine too. It could be that the fact we gave her some cheese and whipped cream from time to time upset her poor little tummy. I blame myself. No more for the girl, even though she liked it. She is going to be 10 next month, so we have to be very careful with her. Both of my loves are not feeling well. Thank goodness Lily is doing fine. Her vet appointment isn’t until the end of September. Here are some photos of the vet visit.

Daisy is I believe having normal bowel movements now, yay. I did not find any accidents in the basement or in this room. I have to clean the carpet though, because of her accidents. I try to clean her box more often. She is the type of cat that kicks dirt up. So I may have to put the lid back on. But I think she likes it without the lid on. I have to think about this now. Perhaps find a litter box with high walls. Although she will just kick it out the front LOL.

I was just sitting with my husband after I sat with Daisy for a while in the living room. My husband tells me I don’t sleep enough. He is probably right. I think I will close for now. And return another day with another update on my husband, and Daisy.

If you stumble on this post. Please say a prayer for my husband and cat.

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