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Happy December!

It has been a few months since I posted. I seem to be really terrible at staying up to date. Although I do have a planner, and I put day-to-day things in there, mostly about the cats and when they last ate, how my listings are going, what I list, what I sold, etc. I also put down what I watch on my PC, and/or what we watch together (my husband and I) in the evening. Any other little things that may occur and I have room to put them in. I should really transition to a journal instead of the planner, and try to keep the planner just things I need to do or what I have done. Let’s just say things other than the cats. Maybe even have a journal just for the cats, that would be cool. I can even include pictures, if I could find my HP photo printer, oh my gosh that has got on my nerves now.

This one journal I have had it for years, and I barely wrote in it, when I had a moment, but I think I will start writing in it more. I need to find my Archival Ink, I can’t find it, again these things are irritating me. I bought a giant date stamp. I have wanted it for like 2 years now, I believe it is good until 2024 or 2026, I sure hope they come out with another, as I would buy it too. But I love how big the date is, and it is perfect for my journal. Below is a picture of the date stamp compare to my writing.

My birthday is in 2 days, on December 4th. Am I excited, I think I am over the getting excited phase, but I still post as if I am. I am debating about having Chinese food for my birthday, or like I told my husband last night, having it in May for our anniversary. We have been trying to stick to the keto diet for a while now. I still don’t see myself losing weight as I had hoped, but as I also told my husband, my new year’s resolution is to get back on the treadmill, and I am going to keep that promise. I found that it helped me lose fat around the stomach which I desperately need.

I haven’t seen Momo or Sammy yet, I think Momo may show up tonight, I hope it won’t be as windy as it is right now, or at least when I took Lilo’s food out. So windy I had to put his food under the deck, which keeps them out of the wind, and when they are done, the plate (plastic) doesn’t fly away. It works out because I have an outdoor camera out there so I can see when they are under there. It was put for the winter when it snows, I can see them and know they are wanting to eat, and calling them out to the driveway, as I won’t be able to go into the yard to feed them. I will be lucky if I can go to check on the camera, but that may be something I have to do no matter what. I wanted to put the camera near the stairs but putting it there is not easy to get to, and the snow may cover it, where it is now is actually quite perfect.

I noticed on this WordPress editor, the default font is Arial, not sure of the size but it is small, and honestly my eyes are needing it to be bigger but for me to make it bigger, I have to make each paragraph bigger which is annoying, I can’t see to find a way to set the default size bigger so all paragraphs are the same size and I don’t have to resize each time, as that just gets annoying, and who really has time to do that all the time?

I threw out some cat food yesterday that Momo didn’t want, kept it in a sandwich bag in the fridge, and threw it out for the squirrels, and Lilo walks out there and starts to eat it. If he was still hungry he just has to sit on the fire pit and I know he wants more, that just makes me feel bad, but at the same time, I am glad he is eating it.

I started to listen to Your Daily Prayer, as I wanted to catch up before the end of the year, so I don’t have months accumulated. Honestly how hard is it to listen to a 3-5 minute prayer daily? Come on, where is my faith? I keep procrastinating, and It is making me upset with myself. I should know better. I know not listening to it daily does not mean I am losing faith, but maybe it means I am being lazy and not prioritizing. I have several bibles and I am not reading from them like I used to do. What happened, why did I stop? I think that is going to be my new year’s resolution, read my Bible daily, listen to “Your Daily Prayer”, and walk on the treadmill, I think I can achieve these, just make time for it all. With God’s help, I can do this. I think I should end this here, and will try to return later in this month.

God Bless

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