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Why The Heavy Feeling In My Heart?

I know since my last post about Momo, I haven’t updated. But I will now. He was finally released after a week with us. I really wanted to keep him, but the house is not as big as we’d like it to be to accommodate 3 cats, where would we put the third litter box, etc. Even so, I felt he (Momo) is happier outside, I loved watching him through my window enjoy the sunshine, stretching out on the green grass, it was such a beautiful thing to see. I love Momo, as much as I love Lilo and Sammy.

Things have progressed nicely, he still comes around, I feed all 3, and I am happy to do so. Sometimes my knee gives me problems going up and down the little hill in the back, but I still do it. If I don’t who will? With that said, I had to step away to have dinner with my husband.

About an hour later or maybe even 2, Lilo showed up to eat. I was working on measuring and packaging up a bundle of blouses, and I look up to the monitor I have set up to see when they are out there so I can feed them. And I see Lilo, he has always come around. Yesterday he didn’t show up for dinner but my husband saw him near the front yard bushes up against the house, this was right before we were going to bed, he had dinner so I think he was looking for a place to sleep. I wish with all I have inside that I could bring those 3 sweet cats inside. But I can’t because they are pretty much feral, so I try to do for them what I can. Trapping and fixing Lilo and Sammy is what I am trying to do.

So Momo, didn’t show up yesterday, and he usually comes around about 11 am – 12 pm, and no sign, he hasn’t shown up yet today either, and it is about 6:30 pm on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Before Lilo showed up, my heart was breaking because they always show up, and the fact none of the 3 had shown up. I was thinking the worse. As my husband pointed out to me during dinner. Lilo had disappeared for almost 2 months, and he showed up out of nowhere and has been returning ever since.

My concern for Momo is that he has one bad eye, and something can literally attack him from that side and be ambushed, we are known to have coyotes here, they run in 2 or 3’s, so that does scare me. Momo is my first TNR (Trap and Release) cat, so he means a lot to me, Lilo and Sammy do just as much. I worry about all 3 all the time. I really need to trap Sammy, his ear looks swollen probably from a fight, but it may be infected too. I need a vet to see him, he also needs to be neutered.

Some people, not all, don’t understand how important is it to have feral cats TNR’d, so they stop making babies because so many die out there. They can live out the rest of their lives, and be happy on the outside if that is what they want, and because they are feral, living outside is the best thing for them. I will never understand why people think TNR is bad, it is not, it is actually saving lives.

I am still worried, and I feel like crying, this is the longest I have not seen Momo. Sammy has been gone two or three days, but always shows up. But Momo, I feel I need to protect him.

Oh Dear Lord, hear my prayer, please help Momo find his way back here, his home is here with me. Please watch over Sammy, Lilo, and Momo, so that they are safe always, and always come back home here. Please watch over them, keep them safe. Amen

That is why my title is labeled the way it is. Because at the beginning of this post, my heart was so heavy with grief, even though I don’t know if anything bad has happened to them. I at least know Lilo is okay. But Momo, and Sammy, where are you? I’m going to stop here because at this point it will just get repetitive. Please say a prayer for my boys to come back home. Thank you, and I will return soon with another post.

God Bless

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