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Busy Is Not An Excuse

I say this because it is true. Just because we are busy, is no reason to forget about the Lord, or for that matter push it aside. I am guilty of that, however, I do listen to prayers, not daily but I try to keep up with a daily prayer. Today, I am feeling sad.

I have been trying to trap a cat, that was a kitten when it started to come by the house. He has been pretty good at showing up just about every day. So I got used to that. Well yeah, you got it, today he isn’t showing up. So naturally, I am such a worrying type of person, I am very worried. I am trying to trap him for a few reasons, he is young, and can be socialized, and we decided to keep him, secondly, he is injured, when he first came around he seemed fine, but the next time I saw him, he had a little gash under his eye, that seemed to have healed but it affected his left eye, and it is partially closed. I worry that he may lose it. So, I have been trying to trap him, to get him to a vet. The picture below is not great but the first sighting.

One of the very first photos I got of Momo, through the kitchen window at night, that poor little thing. He was not injured then 1/2022

Today I expected him, at dinner time, but he has not shown up. I feed 3 feral cats, that I would love to take in, but we don’t have the room. So the next best thing I can do for them is to get them fixed, and vaccinated, and let them live out their lives in the woods behind our house.

We have a lot of animals come around here because of the woods, such as Deer, Turkeys, Ducks, Squirrels, Raccoons, Cats, Foxes, Possums, Coyotes, and even Skunks (yuck) but we let them live where they want to, we leave out scraps sometimes, mainly for the raccoons and possums. After it gets dark the coyotes come out, they are usually 2 together, and this is what frightens me the most, is that Momo (so sorry that is what I call the cat I am trying to trap), since he can’t really see out of both eyes.

Oh my goodness, the Lord knew my heart was hurting because that little fella had not come around. Oh my goodness, the Lord is so good and he hears us. You are probably thinking what am I going on about? Just as I was talking about Momo, I looked over at the computer screen (I have a camera pointing out to where they wait to be fed), and who do I see sitting there Momo! He has never come this late before. The only thing or two things I can think of is that someone else has been feeding him and/or because the weather has been so hot out, he decided to wait until it cooled off. My other two ferals come out and just sit in the shade but they do show up.

My heart was breaking because I was worrying that perhaps the coyotes got him. It literally was breaking, I was so sad sitting here looking at his pictures, writing about him. Oh Lord, thank you so much for hearing my heart. And how sad I was over this. I have been trying for a while to get this little guy, he is warming up to the humane trap, but then he comes late like this, and I don’t trap him at night, with the woods and all way too many bugs, and I don’t want these precious cats out when the coyotes come out. I also have a trail camera pointed at our backyard and the woods behind it, and I have seen it almost on a daily basis the coyotes show up.

I am beyond happy, I would like to say a prayer.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for hearing my sad heart, thank you for always being there when I am truly sad and thank you for every day you give me on this earth. Please allow me to trap these precious cats so that I may extend their lives as well. Thank you so much for loving me the way you do, the way you love all of us here, my husband, my two cats Daisy and Lily, and my outside boys Lilo, Sammy, and Momo. Please watch over them for me while I can’t see them. Watch out for all those people that are so compassionate and do so much for the cats and dogs and all the beautiful animals that you brought to us on earth. Thank you, my father. Amen

Thank you all for listening to me and my heart. I will leave you with a few photos of my feral boys.

God Bless

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