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A Few Things Going On

I really didn’t know how to title this, I think I changed it like 4 times. So I went with a few things going on. To start with, it has been about a month since my last post, which is not bad for me. I felt an urge to write a blog post on this website. There are indeed a few things happening.

First my husbands uncle recently passed, so sad, he wasn’t super close to him, but I think there was a time when he was, maybe when he was 15, but that was a while ago. I feel terrible because last night we were talking during dinner, and I brought up my sister-in-law who caught COVID and is in the hospital, she seems to be doing ok, I hear updates every day, she is being treated.

Anyway we were talking about that. And I didn’t ask about his uncle, I knew he was in the hospital, and I knew he was on life support and they were going to turn it off. So with that I figured it was a matter of time before he passed, they hoped he would be not need assistance, but he did, and they decided to let him go. Well the fact I didn’t ask about it, hurt my husbands feelings. The only reason I didn’t and I now know this was wrong of me, is not assume he would tell me about it. He had hoped I would ask, and although I cannot take that back, I feel so horrible about, he didn’t mean to make me feel like that, but I do. It is what it is.

In the last few days there has been a very young cat coming around, a ginger. I am not good with ages, I have to girls myself but they are older now, I would guess that kitten to be between 5-8 months old. The first time I saw this cutie pie, he looked perfectly healthy, but alone, today I saw him and he has a cut on his little face, I don’t know if he ran into a branch running from the wind, he seems to be a little scared of the wind the noise it makes, so I feel so bad, it is near his eye, so now I am really concerned about him/her. He came around earlier to eat, and he was out there eating again about 30 mins ago. I hope he finds somewhere to hunker down, as we are getting a little snow tomorrow. I am going to go out there and see if I can get him/her to come to me, although he/she seems very skiddish, and doubt he/she will. To me this is still a baby, and I would like to catch it, and have his face looked at, the poor sweet things.

I pray to the Lord right now, that he guide this kitten to me so that I can rescue it and get it checked. If we cannot keep him/her, I will do my best to find it a suitable home. But please dear Lord help this sweet little kitten all alone out right now, guide him/her to me so that I can help this precious sweet cat. Please Dear Lord give it a chance to live. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, I will be honest I haven’t seen a doctor in so long, but at my age I think it is important that i do now. Lord knows why I have not seen one, I don’t need to get into that. I am not nervous or scared, I thought I would be but I am not, I am glad about that too. Thank you Lord I feel you are with me, and keeping me calm.

Next month I have an eye exam it is time to renew my prescription. I am having issues with seeing things clearly and it bothers me, sometimes even gives me a headache.

Then after that is done, I need to make appointments for my girls, I avoided it for almost 2 years, and it is very important that I as their mom keep their shots current, I would be devasted and heartbroken if something horrible happened because of my lack of getting them to the vet. Dear Lord guide me with doing what I need to do.

I have a lot going on, I feel like I am carrying a lot on my shoulder, and I should not let myself feel like that, it is just things that need to get done. As for my husbands uncle passing, I do feel bad about it, but I honestly thought he would update me. I didn’t know he wanted me to ask, he said it shows I care. I do care, I am a very compassionate person. I am not trying to make excuses and yeah it was my fault. I should have just asked instead of waiting to be told. Dear Lord please help him know that I am truly sorry and I didn’t mean to hurt his feeling in that way.

I feel I am asking a lot of you my dear Lord, I am sorry I think right now I need your guidance. As I mentioned I do feel he is helping me stay calm with the whole doctors appointment. I am sure there will be more to come. I will need a referral to a gyno as well. Oh fun fun. Yeah not so much but it need to be done.

Well now that blurted out all that I have going on in my head, well not only but some of the important things on my mind currently.

I ask one more thing from you my dear Lord. I have told many people I would keep them in my prayers and I do mean that. Please find it in your heart to help them in the ways they need it. Dear Lord I even find it hard to pray, not the actual praying but knowing what to say. And if it is even considered a prayer. There are so many wonderful people out there, and so many animals as well that need your help, I know they have your love, but they truly do need you right now Lord. Thank you Lord for listening to what I have to say.

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