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July was not a good month for me

At the beginning of the month, I became constipated, so sorry for so much information, but that went through the first week, into the 2nd week, I had to take something to help me have a bowel movement. I finally started to, but oh my goodness I was feeling so horrible. There were times I felt light-headed and nauseous. I cannot begin to tell you how horrible I felt. I lost my appetite, the smell of food would get me nauseous. I didn’t come onto the computer at all. Well no I lie, I came on when I sold something on Ebay, because I had an obligation to fulfill that, so I did. Other than that I just couldn’t, it would make me feel nauseous. Going into the 3rd week, I wasn’t getting better, the week progressed the same way, I thought this would never end.

I prayed and asked God to guide, heal me, show me how to help myself. I was miserable, at the end of the 3rd week, I told my husband, if I don’t feel any better on Monday, I am going to the ER. He said why wait to go to the ER, why not go Saturday. I understand he goes to work and didn’t want to take time off if I could just do it on Saturday. I explained that I wanted to give my body the extra days to see some change.

On that Monday, I started to feel better. I was far from feeling 100%, but it was something, it took another week to finally start getting better. I thanked God for healing me, and I understood that it had to happen in due time. I had such bad stomach aches, light-headedness, nausea. One time after showering, as I was getting out, I started to feel faint, and I came out and told my husband I feel like I am going to faint, I didn’t even have a chance to dry off, I went straight into the bedroom covered myself with the one towel I had with me, and just laid there. I couldn’t believe that was happening to me. I recall as I was showering I was feeling out of breath like I didn’t have enough oxygen, it scared me, and my husband even though he didn’t say anything. I am just so happy to feel so much better.

Two weeks ago I took my first trip to go grocery shopping with him, even though I wasn’t 100% I felt I needed to push myself, the whole time feeling a bit light-headed, I was so glad when we got home. Today we went grocery shopping and compared to 2 weeks ago. I felt so much better.

Today before having dinner, I felt that nauseous feeling I have had before, not as intense, but I recognized the feeling and thought to myself, oh no please not again. After I ate dinner, I felt better. Thank you Lord for watching out for me, and healing me, I know you healed me, and I thank you for that.

We take for granted so much in life, until something goes wrong, then you begin to think. I am so fortunate to be so healthy while others are struggling with illnesses. I pray for all those who need your healing hands.

Lord, please find it in your heart to find those people that need you to heal them.

I had made an appointment with my doctor but their office is so backed up, that I can’t see her until Jan of 2022! Thank God I didn’t need to see her now. I also need to make an appointment with the optometrist, I need new glasses or bifocals. And appointments for both of my cats, as they are far behind with their shots, almost 6 months. I have a few concerns with both of them, that I need to get both of them to the Veterinarian soon!

Well, I have gone on for a while, I just wanted to share why I have not been around. I pray that you are all doing well, staying safe and healthy.

Have a beautiful weekend, and don’t forget that the Lord loves you.

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