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God Knows I Have Been Busy

Oh my goodness. I really did not want to put off posting on this blog. A has been going on, I have been busy and have run out of time. I promise it is not on purpose, and I do not want to stray away from the Lord’s word. Sometimes when I try to get started on something it delays other things.

For example. I recently want to keep a pocket size planner, something minimalistic and simple, so I purchased a Moterm Pocket Planner, and I had debated about buying inserts, making my own, and/or using freebies, and of course the freebies part is always appealing to me. I can also buy pdf files for a few things as well.

I would try to make my own, but that would just take a lot of time, and I don’t have that time at the moment, although it is something I would like to consider. I came across an issue with my computer and printer, and the computer not wanting to install the software correctly, and I got so frustrated I finally gave up on that. I opted to restore the computer, but I put that off for now. And am going to try to connect my other computer to the printer, which I will do later this week, I find that will be the easiest solution.

I am also getting behind with listing items to sell, and I don’t want that to happen. I will admit, I am a bit lazy and I need to stop being lazy. I have so any To Do’s and I forget them if they aren’t written down. That is why I opted for a pocket planner, as I have had planners before, and I would put them away in a drawer and get busy with other things and never get back to them. I thought with a pocket planner I can also use it as a wallet, so I would have to have it with me all the time, which would make looking into my planner more often. I hope that works. Say a prayer for me.

I wanted to talk about my sister. I need to step away for a few, but when I return I am going to talk about her, and about what I have been doing to keep the Lord’s word in my everyday life, from a verse a day app, to a monthly reading/writing challenge which I will from here on in, be sharing that every month.

I am back, much later than expected. Well about my sister, she is younger than I am. We were talking today, and I asked her if she read the Bible, she said no. She has told me she prays. I asked her why she doesn’t read the Bible, she said because it has changed a lot. The fact that she hasn’t read the Bible spoke volumes. She is listening and believing what others are saying instead of looking into it herself.

I personally am no expert about the Bible, and even though I have heard rumors, I still feel the Lord’s word is still precious and true. Sure it has been translated into a different version for better understanding, and I told her this. I know for a fact she has been told only bad things about the Bible mainly Revelation-type things. This upsets me because trying to teach someone to trust in the Bible and only telling them that this is going to happen and that is going to happen is no way of helping them understand it. She said she doesn’t want to hear about the bad stuff. And I understand that I was scared when I first read/listened to things.

My oldest brother would send me videos. And even though he has done some of his own studying, and learning, he just threw stuff at me, which I didn’t appreciate. I think he did the same thing to my sister. She lives in the same house with him (why she is there is a long story, perhaps for another time), with her partner. He had good intentions but his execution was not great.

Now that is another thing. My brother pushed things on her, so she rejected them, as I did at first, until I began to look into it myself. I was still scared, but I believe in what the Lord says, even though at this very moment I felt some skepticism. I think I have a lot of stuff going through my head at this moment, I definitely have questions I would like answered. So I can only imagine how overwhelming it was for my sister.

I told her. You pray so that means you believe in God and his word. What I didn’t tell her is, you cannot believe just some things, you either believe it all or you don’t. It does not work like that. But I did not want to push things on her. Instead, I told her if she needs to pray to God that is good, that is a start. I offered her a link that I get every day in my email. Where a woman with a very soothing voice shares a topic, for instance, today’s topic is “A prayer of comfort for the lonely” here is the link if you would like to listen. It changes each day, but below the days devotional are past devotionals you can also listen to.

She didn’t want to listen to it, her first reaction was, “Christian?” I said Christians and Catholics are pretty much the same, this is about God’s words, and how they can comfort us, in our time of need. I truly believe that these things can help comfort her. She and her partner, are going through a really rough patch, so much has happened in her life, it breaks my heart and I hurt for her. I pray for her too, and I try to chat with her for some comfort. I am in MA and she is in CA we are very far apart. My brothers have pretty much disowned her (another story) it is very sad. My oldest brother opened up his home to them. But it’s been rough, and they are trying to get back on their feet so they can be independent again. So they not only have that looming over their head but also medical issues they are dealing with. There is just so much I don’t want to get into now. My mother passed away years ago when I was younger, and my father also lives in CA. The only family she has really that she can talk with is me. In the end, she told me that after a nap she would listen. I said to her. I want to know what you think, even if she never listens to another one.

I am not here really to talk about them, but about my sister. My brother has tried to push the Bible on her, because he wants her to be saved. She is in a lesbian relationship for over 35 years. And I know that is why he tried, but you can’t as I stated earlier, push things on people. You gradually introduce them to it. Like I am trying to do with the devotional. I think it can be uplifting, plus they always quote the Bible. I would get her a Bible, but until I know she is interested in maybe reading it. One that is not just a Bible, but with more information about certain parts of the Bible. I have seen them, and I know they exist, but I haven’t found one for Catholics, yes they are pretty much the same as Christians, but I think it will make her feel better.

I have gone on for a long time now. If you read this, say a prayer for my sister so that they can find some kind of comfort in the word of the Lord, and one for my brother to have more patience with them. Thank you so much.

In my next post which I think I will do tomorrow, is what I mentioned earlier about Bible reading/writing challenges, and I will leave links in case you feel like following along. Oh yeah off-topic, today is our 2nd wedding Anniversary, yay use. I love my husband very much.

God Bless

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