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He is Risen

How glorious is that? King Jesus is coming. He will be back for us soon. Are you ready? If not you should be, it is not too late. I will be honest, I am still preparing myself. I pray to God that I continue to read his Word. This past month I have been so busy, and have had so many interruptions that it has taken me away from his Word. I tell you this is the work of Satan. However, I will not let him keep me from the Word. I spent Sunday, at least most of it, reading the Bible, I have never felt such comfort like I do when I read the Bible.

Happy Easter to you all. I know it has been almost a month since I have come by, which is not unlike me. I guess so caught up with life, that doesn’t have time to come and jot down a few lines to share with you, and I apologize for that, I am just glad to pick up the Bible again. I have my Bibles on my table so my eyes always see them. I say them because I have more than one Bible.

I have added to my collection, and I will in my next post share with you what Bibles I have acquired.

I learned something today about the purpose of Sabbath that I did not know growing up. I always thought Sabbath was on Sunday, and how wrong I was. I learned that we should not allow anyone to judge is on how we are to keep the Sabbath holy. I feel as long as we do, it does not matter when. I will share that video with you below. Trust me I have so much yet to learn and understand, and that is what the journey is about, learning, absorbing the Word.

Growing up, I always thought the first day of the week was Monday, but it truly is Sunday. You see how young minds are taught to think a certain way. I find it very interesting, but I am glad that I know differently now. I find it hard to explain, and I am going to watch it again, and understand it even better. But for now please go and watch it, I time-stamped the video it to start where it speaks of the Sabbath.

I will leave you with the video. God Bless

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