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Beginner Bible Journaling

In the past, I am not sure if I mentioned I bought 2 small NKJV Large Print Compact Bibles, one for reading in my bed, which I have to be honest I have not taken to my bedside. I have kept up with my daily reading, so I didn’t think I needed to take it to my bedside, but since I did buy it for that reason I should. I briefly looked back to see if I had shown pictures of them and I have not. So that is what I will do now.

They are both the same, just a color and design cover difference. The photos show as you can see in the last picture my fingers in reference to the print size. I think it is a comfortable size, as I read without my glasses because I need new glasses and prescriptions, so for now, when I read from this smaller bible I don’t wear them.

The pink as mentioned is for bedside, and the purple I had intentions to do a little Bible journaling, although there are no wide margins. Even though I saw someone use the exact same bibles for just that. I will post a video below of the video I saw. I love the touch, so super soft, as the back slipcover suggests it is a Premium LeatherTouch Cover, and it is so soft. It has a large print. I do love them.

I believe this is the video I stumbled upon and liked the Bibles because of the size. I bought them much more inexpensive than she did, but this is an older video as well. But I thought about Bible journaling using these, then later I found that they made Bibles specifically for journaling. I got pretty excited, even though I had purchased these 2 already.

Not until recently like about a week ago, did my very first Bible journaling Bible arrived. I was between two, the one I decided on has a large print which I like, the other one I didn’t get was much more compact, with smaller print and I may still get it but not right now, even though it is an ESV which is what I wanted. I just couldn’t resist the NIV Journal the Word Bible in Large Print I am excited about. No pretty cover, just black hardcover.

After browsing more Bibles, I found some beautiful Bibles that were pricier and all I can do for now is admire them πŸ™‚ In my next post, I will post about the NIV Journal the Word Bible.

Right now, it is 6 am after my cat Lily got me up at 4 am. I usually get up at that time to feed them, then I return to bed. But there are times she keeps me up. She has left me in the room, and I believe gone downstairs to look out the window and see if there are any other cats walking about.

Well, I am going to go back to bed, as my husband will be getting up to get ready for work, and I want to slip back into bed and get some rest before starting my day. I just want to thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to have purchased some Bibles. Thank you, Lord, my God for what you have given me.

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