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God Guided Me

I am really glad I am listening to what God wants me to do. I had initially imported my blog posts from my free blog over at, but with that came posts that were already cross-posted from which is my regular blog. What I mean by ‘regular’, is that I blog about everything and anything there, even God! So I thought about it, I even began editing the posts to correct numerous mistakes. Well, after I had done about 10-15, I heard God tell me that I had them on my other domain, and to check and if they are there, to remove them. Lo and behold, he was right, they were right there. So I put them on draft because I noticed some that were not on my other blog (, so I would want to integrate them in there because it is part of my everyday life. Rather than they being here where they don’t belong if that makes sense.

It is possible that some may think, “God spoke to you about your blog” LOL, and as silly as that is, Yes, I think he can, he can speak to us about anything. This just may be the first time I actually realized that is what he is doing. This reminds me of last night. We were watching a few videos on the AoC Network on YouTube, about God. The last two were about fasting to be closer to God. I picked the first one, then my husband picked the 2nd one as they had to do with each other. I understand more now how fasting brings you closer to God. Which makes total sense.

Again, I feel that God spoke to me, and said this is something you should do. I asked my husband what do he thought about fasting? He said fasting the Daniel way is something I can do. The video below is what we watched, if you are new to this blog, and aren’t sure what Daniel’s way of fast is.

The AoC Network also has a website with a lot more information, so the link is there if you are interested.

I think when we do decide to fast, I won’t be online. Because I am going to not only choose fast, but also not get on the internet. I have juiced in the past so I know what to expect, although when I juiced, I did not prepare myself like I should have. The video above covers it all.

I think that is all for now. I woke up very early today, and I know I will be tired early tonight. I am done with working on websites for the day, later I need to focus on listing another item on Ebay.

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