New Name, It Feels Right!

A while ago I went by Emmie, than I felt that I outgrew that. I want back to just Emily. I felt that the name I had needed to be changed, as there is a change in me, and I wanted it to reflect on this blog. I would have bought a domain, but I have several I have had for years that I blog on, so I thought this would be my little faithful blog that I can talk about God, and how it makes me feel. Perhaps share scriptures, or inspiration readings I find.

I am not sure how often I will do it, but I will try to come as often as possible. This blog has been around for quite awhile, and I didn’t want to just chuck it. As there are a lot of posts that mean a lot to me.

My old blog name was Simply Emmie which was cute and I did like it. I tried Simply Emily but that was taken. And for some reason I wanted the word Faith in the title, and I tried Simply Faithful but that was taken, so I tried various names and tried Faithful Simply, and it wasn’t taken, which made me happy. That means it was meant to be.

Thank you Lord for giving me the name, you brought it to mind. It is a pretty simple name, and very straight forward. I am Faithful, Simply. I need to add the comma in the title, I think that looks better or does it? I have to think on that one.

Dear God please tell me what you think is the right way it should go.

Well I did notice I had not written in this blog since 2014, but I have left several I believe posts sending whoever stumbles on it to my more active blog, which I will do again here lol. Go to, it is more active and I write in it more. I hope this one will be more active as well.

I best go, as it will be time for my husband to get home. Oh yes! We got married it will be 2 years in May, wow right? I remember when I posted when we were together 2 or 3 months, and now it is almost 11 years later, WOW!!

I’ll have to get into that a little more later. Follow my journey to learning more and more about God. Early this morning(Thursday, February 12, 2021) I finished reading Genesis, I was so happy I read it. That is how early in my journey I am.

I was baptized a Catholic, but am a practicing Christian, they are pretty similar. I won’t get into that now, maybe another time. But I never had my own Bible, and I recently bought one for myself and my husband. I am enjoying it, it makes me so happy when I read it. I feel it in my heart.

I am also waiting on a study guide Bible to help me understand things, as I was having a lot of questions that I don’t know if they can ever be answered, but I am hoping and praying with God’s guidance that I can find the answers I seek. The Bible I purchased in the event anyone is interested in this one here it is a beautiful Bible.

I started this post yesterday and couldn’t finish because I could not find my photos of the bible that I took not just stock pictures, well Praise the Lord I found them! It is like I was looking and looking and just simply could not find them. Then today the folder I searched for was just there, it was probably there the whole time but I did not see it and I don’t know why.

Speaking of Bible my 2nd order came today, I’ll write about that next time. Let me show you the pictures of my Bible.

I love this Bible, the font size is just right. I like the indexed books. I am just beginning reading it. I finished Genesis the other day, actually it was Wednesday about 5:30 am so that makes it officially Thursday. I am sure I will read it again, once I am done, but I want to keep a record of it.

I keep closing the website by accident. I think that means I am done. Until next time. Stay Blessed.

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